“His audacious designs take your breath away”

Zinta Jurjans Heard
The Age

“A national design industry all on his own, Andrew Maynard is always provocative and sometimes very funny with both his real projects and his expression of entertaining ideas.”


"He's about to leap into the big time. Melbourne architect Andrew Maynard's goal is nothing short of "complete tyrannical world domination". He might be joking, but this young powerhouse of talent may indeed be capable of such a feat."

Pol Oxygen
from the article ROCKET MAN
by Anne Latreille. Issue 22,

"Andrew Maynard Architects have carved a niche for themselves in their home country of Australia. The media savvy and technologically aware office is unafraid of mixing big conceptual designs with beautifully conceived small-scale residential works"



"Maynard is one of a small group of exciting, young and creatively boundless Australian architects who are set to change the face of Melbourne. These gifted, edgy, clued-up and media-savvy thirty-somethings are all producing internationally recognised work at a time when architecture has never been so cool..."

Gina Morris

“One of Australia’s most exciting young architects”


“His concepts include a man-eating robot, a bicycle made of plywood and “Poop House” - a structure made from human excrement and food. Images of the archetypal mad scientist spring to mind, but architect Andrew Maynard, like his designs, comes across as measured and eloquent.

The AGE melbourne magazine

“Maynard reveals how sparkling ideas can create unexpected pleasure in a highly problematic space”

Peter Hyatt

“Aussie architect, Andrew Maynard, has a unique and thoughtful approach to design, and should be watched closely by all those interested in quality, green, and seemingly low-cost buildings.”


“His unexpected solutions are what good architecture is all about.”

Zinta Jurjans Heard
The Age

"Andrew Maynard has been one of my favorite architects for a few years now. The work his studio puts out is fun, well conceived and extremely well designed."


“This guy's stuff just blows my mind. Every time I look at his site I get a boost. He has some of the funkiest designs. Maynard's firm is hot as the sun right now.”

future house now

“Since establishing his practice in 2002, Melbourne architect Andrew Maynard (W*90 Architects’ Directory) has been building a solid reputation for his innovative renovations.

Usually built on a modest budget and scale, Maynard’s designs are always full of surprises and added bonuses to maximise every site.”


“Maynard’s work explains how the grand idea can be achieved in such a small space. It also proves that constraints can bring out the best in architects. Tight constraints of budget, site and regulations demand a higher level of  invention to realize the best. “

Peter Hyatt

“What strikes me about Andrew is that his practice is very much ideas-based, and I think it’s important to create for ideas and experimentation. He uses a diversity of materials, but not in an evangelistic way. So many of our capabilities are going offshore and it’s vital that we retain ingenious designers such as Andrew.”

Kathy Demos
director of the National Design Centre

"Maynard's work offers a flash of illumination toward the next generation of smart, compact, elegant home design. Each project begs a long, awe-inspired look and makes the future look like a very nice place to live."



"Australian Architect Andrew Maynard, an under 40 star in the making. His work is marked by fine detailing, a bit of whimsy, and big graphic overtunes allowing his portfolio to be less about style & more about character of spaces. The buildings seem more like a box of old treasures, more than anything else, telling stories on the joy of making architecture."


"Maynard’s work runs the gamut from residential to commercial buildings to conceptual designs. His new concepts in design, including a Japanese library, an arts precinct, and protest shelters, have won him international attention."

Randi Greenberg


"The young firm Andrew Maynard Architects is garnering worldwide attention for both floaty concepts and dirty reality."

Leigh Christy
Architecture week 

"Environmental issues and responsible, intelligent solutions are trademarks of his work, utilising clever concepts for a dynamic output. Clients come to Maynard when they’re seeking a unique and challenging solution, be it in the residential, retail, hospitality or commercial arena."

Alaana Fitzpatrick
DQ magazine


"Andrew Maynard, one of Australia's brightest young architects, intends to make a difference. He will do this on his own terms."

Pol Oxygen


"Maynard has a strong grasp of conceptual issues along with excellent spatial, compositional and detailing skills. Most importantly though, Andrew has an excellent understanding of the properties and emotional potential of materials."

Peter Malatt
Six Degrees


"In the diverse collection of projects in Maynard's portfolio, we get a picture of an architect whose ideals run as deeply as his talent for good design."


"One of Melbourne’s most talked about and creative architectural firms"

Pol Oxygen


"Abandon your preconceptions of the architect as a quiet, bespeckled intellectual who cares more about sharp Italian suits and clean concrete lines than about saving trees. Here comes a new breed of architectural environmental activism in rising star Andrew Maynard"



"It is exciting to say that despite the acclaim and attention that Maynard regularly receives, nothing has altered his level-headed perspective or tongue-in-cheek drive towards world domination."

Alaana Fitzpatrick
SDQ magazine


"World-renowned for stylish environmentally sustainable architecture"

Lost at E Minor


"We’re both blown away by your design, and the more we look, the more there is to be excited about! We’re really impressed with how you’ve incorporated the most important parts of our brief into the design work to come up with something that is creative, functional, realistic, unique and bloody impressive!."

Ilma Grove clients


"Australian architect Andrew Maynard has been getting a lot of attention recently - and for good reason. Barely 30 years old, the prolific young architect's web portfolio is peppered with amazingly clever designs - both built and unbuilt."


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